GLO Student Ministry meets at The Chapel from 6:30 to 8:30pm on Wednesday nights. 6th to 12th grade students are invited to attend.

GLO Student Ministry exists to help students find the love of Jesus Christ, equip them with the tools the Bible gives us, and send them out to do the same for others.

What is GLO?

We start with God, always! Come hang out with friends, play games or just chill. At 7pm, all students break into groups led by adult and student volunteers and spend time learning about Jesus. Our goal is to connect students to God with the amazing message of Jesus Christ found in the Bible.

Time to LIVE it! The next phase is all about spending time in fellowship with one another as believers. We are focused on strengthening our faith and our relationships with students and parents as we learn what it means to live out our faith in daily life. Jesus was always out spending time with people, loving people, and serving people. Our ministry goal is to be faithful to Jesus not just on Wednesday night, but all of life.

Jesus healed and fed countless…our ministry wants to meet that challenge locally and globally. We encourage all of our students and parents to reach out to those in need. We accomplish this in many ways and in many forms, whether it be providing goods or services or simply loving someone. We are the body of Christ, so let’s do what Jesus did in his body when he walked the earth.

For more information, Email Edwin, GLO Student Pastor